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Best Kids Headlamp You Need to Buy For Kids in 2023

Best Kids Headlamp You Need in 2021

Kids love headlamps. This makes finding the best kids headlamp for them easy. No camping trip is complete unless your child has a headlamp. I find that headlamps are to camping like cardboard boxes are to Christmas. Younger kids may have more fun with the headlamp than actual camping.

By 2021, about 10 main companies dominate the headlamp industry, but there are only a few headlamps designed for kids. Skip below to see that list, but first, a couple of reminders on what to look for when buying a headlamp.

Chapter 1: How to Buy a Kids Headlamp

If you're looking for a more comprehensive headlamp buying guide, please see HEADLAMP BUYING GUIDE.

When buying a headlamp, the most important question will always be what you're going to use the headlamp for. We've broken headlamp uses down into the following four categories:

Common Kids Headlamp Uses:

  • Camping: Think multi-purpose. These headlamps will be good for hanging around the campfire, reading in the tent, and taking a stroll to the potty. They'll feature a wider beam that works to spread the ambient light. These headlamps also tend to be less bright. This isn't a bad thing as it will increase battery life. Camping headlamps are usually smaller and more lightweight. Great for reading, doing campfire dishes, working on your car, etc. If you need a great emergency headlamp, get one of these.
  • Running: These headlamps are going to lightweight without sacrificing illumination. The beam will be more focused on the road ahead. These headlamps don't need to be as bright but should fit on the head without bouncing around.
  • Biking/Hiking: As you might imagine, these kids headlamps will need to be brighter and have a more focused beam for a trail or road. Some headlamps will have a removal lens for the handlebars. These will also be a bit bulkier as they have extra straps to stay on your head.
  • Rock Climbing/Mountaineering: These headlamps are usually the more functionally advanced, offering reactive lighting and brighter illumination. These can get expensive, up to the $400 range.

The important part is to ensure that the kids headlamp you buy is designed for the activity you want to do. For this article, we'll focus on camping headlamps. Also, you might want to consider other features of headlamps:

Common Headlamp Features:

  • Battery Type: Most offer AA or AAA batteries. Do you need a rechargeable battery?
  • Light Colors: As expected, White is the default light color; will you need red or green?
  • Settings: Most headlamps will come with 5-6 settings. These offer different brightness options or colors. Do you need a strobe light?
  • Cost: Most headlamps range from $20-$100. Shop around to find one in your price range.

Chapter 2: Best Headlamps Designed for Kids

These headlamps are specifically designed for small kids, think 5 and younger. Remember, none of these manufacturers recommend headlamps for infants…..obvious? So, think 2-5 years old. They all come with features making handing a headlamp to a child worry-free; Breakaway head straps, childproof enclosures, and automatic shutdowns. This allows you to enjoy camping without worrying about Johnny swallowing batteries.

Kids headlamps have many great advantages for your younger campers. Built in safety features ensures your kids can have fun and you can relax. The downfall of buying these headlamps is that you don't get a lot of headlamp functionality for the money. You could get more brightness, adjustable settings, or longer battery life for nearly the same price.


Black Diamond Wiz

What We Like:

  • Lightweight 43g
  • Breakaway strap and automatic shutdown after 2 hrs.

What We Don't Like:

  • Only 30 lumens and one brightness setting
  • 61-hour runtime expected more.

Cost: $24.95



Petzl TIKKID Headlamp

What We Like:

  • Simple, small design
  • AAA batteries and rechargeable options

What We Don't Like:

  • Only 20 Lumens and one brightness setting.

Cost: $24.95

Chapter 3: Other Headlamps to Consider for Kids

If you're looking for a kids headlamp to grow with your child, then also consider the next list of headlamps for older kids. These headlamps should be considered for kids aged 5 and older, depending on size.

The great part about these kids headlamps is that you'll get all the functionality for similar prices. Most of these headlamps are Camping headlamps so that they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Biolite 330

What We Like:

  • Super Lightweight, 2.4oz
  • Micro USB Rechargeable
  • 330 Max Lumens, 40hr runtime

What We Don't Like:

  • Price is a bit higher if buying for kids.

Cost: $59.95

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