About Us

From our small family to yours, we love helping kids get out and enjoy nature!

Our small business is growing thanks to awesome customers like you! Tuff Kids Outdoors was started to help more families get outside with their children, from infant to teen, there’s no time like now.

Kids that experience the outdoors from an early age learn to appreciate and love their natural surroundings. Outdoor kids are happy, healthy, and they grow a natural sense of pride in themselves and their environment.

We are here solely to help outfit outdoor kids for any weather. With the proper gear, kids will enjoy their outdoor time more and stay out longer. Tuff Kids Outdoors is based in Alaska, the perfect place to test new outdoor gear. From treacherous cold and icy weather to blowing wind and rain to mid-July sunshine and the occasional swarm of biting insects, we experience a wide range of environmental conditions in which to put our gear to the ultimate test! We are committed to growing our inventory and expanding. We will continually strive to bring you high quality but affordable products. If you have ideas or concerns, we want to hear them. 

Alaska tested, Alaska true, Alaska tuff!

As parents ourselves, we recognized a need for a central location where you can find great youth-sized outdoor gear. So often we find ourselves searching high and low for that one item, then have to go across town or to another website for something else. In frustration, we often find ourselves settling for less than ideal gear for our kids. Unfortunately, our kids easily burn through cheap outdoor clothes and equipment. This forces us to leave them home or spend more on replacement gear. We hope you will find Tuff Kids Outdoors a refreshing change from the standard outdoor store.   

We are just a simple Alaskan family that would rather be out camping, shrimping, crabbing, clam digging, fishing, hunting, boating, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, snow machining, picking berries, taking photos, exploring, and just about anything else outdoors you can think of instead of sitting behind a desk. If you can’t reach us, we are likely out fishing or otherwise enjoying the outdoors. We promise to return your call or email asap as we continually strive to provide excellent customer service.

Time flies, so get out there and have fun. If you can take a couple of extra kids along on your next outdoor adventure, even better! 

We hope you choose Tuff Kids Outdoors to outfit your kids and grandkids!