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Youth Waders for Teens with Big Feet - 2023

We read review after review that traditional youth waders do not work for young teenagers with big feet. Finding Youth Waders for teens with big feet who are in the 'transition' years can be difficult. This is because their feet may be getting bigger but their overall height may not have caught up. Kids waders may be the right height but not the right foot size. Based on the size of your child's feet there are several brands of waders you should consider.

Oakiwear Youth Waders For Teens with Big Feet

At the top of the list we've found that the best quality for the money are Oakiwear youth kids waders and they offer the largest foot size we've found in the 14/15 option. The Oakiwear Kids Waders Realtree Max-5 and Edge camo patterns go up to size 10M, see below. This is the largest foot size we've found in all brands.

With their 3.5mm neoprene this youth waders are a good option for hunting, cold weather, or fishing. They have the boots attached and are high quality youth waders.

 Youth Waders for Teens with Big Feet





Redington Youth Waders For Teens With Big Feet

Redington Crosswater Youth Waders

The Redington Crosswater Youth Waders also come in bigger sizes but stop at size 6. These are also more expensive, at $129, but worth the price for the piece of mind. The Redington Crosswater Youth Waders come in the 8/10 and 12/14 sizes. See sizing chart here.

Crosswater Youth Waders - All Models

Size Chest Inseam Shoe Size
K8-10 26-28 22-24"" 2-4
K12-14 28-30" 25-28" 4-6


The Redington Crosswater Youth Waders are very durable and made from 3-layer, waterproof and breathable DWR coated, 100% polyester fabric. Belt loops with an included wading belt help create the perfect fit, and opposing buckles make for easy conversion to waist high if desired. Integrated gravel-guards with hook and high density neoprene booties help keep the water and river debris out of your child's boots. The front flip-out pocket with YKK zipper keeps his or her gear close and easy to reach - and makes a great storage place for neat rocks or shells!




HISEA Youth Kids Chest Waders

kids chest waders

As one of the many direct from China companies selling on Amazon these waders come in sizes up to 12/13 which is boot size 8. Hisea Youth Kids Waders do have some attractive features which include 4.5mm neoprene, 50% breathable, and as expected 100% waterproof boots. 

While not offering the same size boots as the Oakiwear Waders, HISEA waders are not a bad choice given the price.




TIDEWE Youth Kids Chest Waders

TIDWE Youth Waders

TIDEWE Youth Waders are probably the closest to Oakiwear with similar 3.5mm neoprene and coming in the Max-5 camo pattern. They also offer boot size up to 10M in the 14/15 size. Offered at a reduced price this wader is an attractive choice.

TIDEWE also offers a hanger with this wader which is a nice option and makes life easier for maintenance




OXYVAN Youth Kids Chest Waders

Oxyvan Youth Waders

Oxyvan Youth Waders are sold up to boot size 9M roughly. Their sizing chart goes off the shoe length which closely compares to boot size 9 mens. These waders also come in the Max-5 camo pattern which is very popular. 

Oxyvan neoprene waders are specially designed for children and suitable for outdoor activities in winter. They are made with 3.5mm neoprene fabric, knitted shell and elastic lining made of tough polyester fiber, and triple seam technology of stitching, bonding and tape to make OXYVAN waders for kids with boots stronger, waterproof and heating. In addition, each wading was turned from the inside to the outside and filled with water, which proved that there was no leakage.

The boots on these waders have a thickened design of the knee position that provides extra protection for the child. The tread pattern of the sole protects the kids from slipping and falling.

Buy OXYVAN Youth Waders Amazon


Buying Youth Waders For Teens With Big Feet Conclusion

 In short, as you can see there's not a lot of great options to find the smaller girthed waders with bigger boot sizes.

Our recommendation, and given the availability, is Oakiwear but they are more expensive, TIDWE for a less expensive but comes with similar options. 

You may also be interested in these other great waders; Oakiwear tan breathable is great for fishing, they also sell a Pink Neoprene camo variety.

Most youth stocking foot waders you'll find will not have big enough neoprene booties to fit boy's size 8 or above. Read the reviews on brands such as Ovis or Caddis - the sizing is confusing and doesn't work well for tall teenage boys. 

So you can jump to an expensive adult wader when your teenage boy hits a shoe size 8 or you can go with an affordable Oakiwear boot foot wader that's sure to fit and last until he grows out of them!

Yes the Oakiwear waders do work for girls as well, but once in the larger sizes, the boots do tend to get big. If you buy a boot foot wader with a boot size bigger than you need - we recommend grabbing some lofty wool socks and perhaps some baselayers to help fill the gap and keep toes toasty warm!

Contact us if you ever have any sizing questions. Our mission is to get your kids outdoors and keep them dry and warm, so they can get the most out of nature!

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